Expanding your own level of awareness.

LifeSpark Training Institute

The LifeSpark Training Institute is for anyone who wants to develop themselves and lead others. It’s for individuals, corporate leaders, team members, parents, and coaches.

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Personal development

Executed as a series of workshops covering a range of interesting and relevant topics, the goal is to help you grow as you lead and interact with others. With practical life application so that the lessons you learn actually stick and transform your life, you’ll examine your story, your biases, your ego structure and the lens through which you view the world. Understanding and unentangling from the selves we’ve constructed allows us to become the best version of who we are – uniquely – as we show up in our personal and professional worlds.

Expanding your own level of awareness will do wonders for your ability to relate to others more effectively and with compassion. Let’s face it, we’re humans and our own personal stuff gets in the way at times – without us even recognizing it! The workshops are designed to spark a deep awareness and healing, igniting real inner growth so you can lead greatly.

Team development

The Enneagram offers so many incredible possibilities for team development. I offer corporate team development workshops that can be tailored to your team’s specific priorities and challenges.

As a former attorney and leader in the non-profit sphere, I have seen firsthand the power of emotionally intelligent leaders to drive a transformed culture and a thriving workplace. I can work with you to customize a growth path most helpful for maximizing your team’s growth and potential.

Relationship Workshops

2 hour workshop

Parenting Styles: What you bring to parenting

Become aware of how your Enneagram Type impacts how you parent. Experiential exercises and activities will improve parenting styles for better communication and conflictual areas of concern. Develop empathy and compassion for the differences you have with your partner and children.

2 hour workshop

What You Bring to Your Relationships

Elevate your consciousness by understanding what you bring to all your relationships and how to improve them. With this mindful approach, you become aware that the people you have relationships with often have a different lens, motivated by different desires and needs. You are guided in communicating this to each other as you take responsibility for communicating what you need. You grow in understanding, which leads to empathy. Instead of being triggered and reactive at one another’s quirks, you can respond in love. Your deeper relational skills will lead to greater connection.

Corporate Training

2 hour workshop

Decoding Communication Styles

Build your team’s emotional intelligence as they discover the different communication styles of each member. They’ll also build self-awareness by exploring the strengths and blindspots of their own style. Utilizing the Enneagram as a mindfulness tool, team members will learn how to more effectively communicate with each other to increase effective collaboration and conflict resolution.

2 hour workshop

Decision Making Styles

Understanding how each Enneagram Type makes decisions provides a roadmap for harnessing the strengths of your team. So whether you focus most on responsibly doing the right thing (1), how people will be impacted and what they need (2), the most efficient option for success (3), staying true to their values (4), thoroughly analyzing all relevant facts (5), taking the least amount of risk (6), visualizing possibilities and creating options (7), being in charge and taking action (8), or unifying different perspectives into a harmonious decision (9), learning to lean into the discomfort of your team’s differences and approach with curiosity is key in creating a culture of courageous leadership.

2 hour workshop

Understanding Conflict Styles to Accelerate Performance

Each Enneagram Type handles conflict differently and learning the differences can help team members lean into discomfort to deal with differences. You will be trained to mindfully resolve conflict healthier, from a place of empathy and openness. Conflict can be embraced to spark innovative thinking when you have an open stance where you can together ponder how to creatively solve your problems, utilizing the strengths that come from having different perspectives. It’s a powerful shift resulting in more cohesion in your team, accelerating performance.

2 hour workshop

What Keeps Us from Moving Forward

This workshop explores those things that keep you stuck and keep you from moving forward in life. It will explore your fears, hidden limiting beliefs, and unconscious resistances that keep you from growing. It will empower you to befriend your fear as your guide so you can mindfully, bravely move through it.

1 hour workshop

Anger Workshop

Do you get frustrated by colleagues not being forthright about how they feel? Or anxious by ones who express it with great force? Most people are very uncomfortable with anger and don’t know how to use this human emotion in a healthy manner. This workshop grows emotional intelligence and helps participants explore their fears around anger, get in touch with how it shows up in their bodies, and see the benefits of mindfully expressing their anger. Participants learn how to utilize their anger to fuel change, and spark creativity and innovation.

2 hour workshop

Loss Workshop

Everyone knows we need to grieve when someone dies, but we also need to feel the many losses that frequently come into our lives, even small losses that come with change (including those you label as good). This workshop takes you through the grieving process so you can understand it’s impact on your life, learn how to mindfully grieve and embrace vulnerability to regain your strength.

9 months, twice a month, 2 hours

Consciousness Virtual Training Class

Blending the best practices of psychology, spiritual direction, coaching, Enneagram training and neuroscience, the LifeSpark Online Wisdom Training Program will help you become the wise and aware wounded healer you long to be. It gives you the unique opportunity to experience deep, inner growth so that you can guide others from a place of authenticity and realness.

But LifeSpark’s approach doesn’t stop with self-awareness.

1 hour workshop

Victim Consciousness

This workshop explores the Victim Consciousness Triangle, what each aspect looks life, how it shows up and impacts your life, and how to live from a place of higher consciousness.

1.5 hour workshop

Journaling for Inner Awakening

This unique, private workshop leads members to open themselves to inner guidance and listen to that guidance to obtain clarity in their life. You will be guided through a journaling process aimed at helping you become aware of your inner stirrings.

2 hour workshop

Surviving the Holidays

This workshop will help you enjoy the holidays more by teaching you how to mindfully maneuver within your family. By becoming aware of your expectations, letting go of your judgmental mind and learning what you bring to the situation, you will be able to let go, relax and be more present so you can accept what is.


1 Day or Weekend Retreat

Awakening Retreat

Experiential exercises and activities designed to open and awaken to Presence using the Enneagram as a mindfulness tool, as well as art, meditation, silence, nature, and poetry.

Weekend Retreat

Winter Wonder Retreat

Experiential exercises and activities designed to release the wonder and teachings we can learn from winter. Using the Enneagram tool, meditation, silence, stillness, nature, poetry, and art, your sense of wonder and curiosity will grow and open.

Day or Weekend Retreat

Springtime Retreat

Experiential exercises and activities designed to release the wonder and learnings that Spring brings to us as it unfolds in nature. Using the Enneagram tool, meditation, silence, nature, poetry, and art, your sense of wonder and curiosity will grow and bloom.

1 day or Weekend Retreat

Couples Retreat

This is for couples who want to learn how to love each other more beautifully. You learn relational skills for personal transformation and deeper connection with your partner. Focusing on communication, conflict, and decision-making styles, the time will be spent helping each partner understand the differences of your Enneagram styles and discover how those differences impact the relationship. It’s a mindful approach where you are guided to both take responsibility for communicating what you need in your relationship. You discover how to resolve conflict healthier, from a place of compassion and openness. You will better understand and grow in empathy for the one you love. It’s a powerful, heart-expanding shift.

Possible workshops include

  • Mindful living
  • Meditation workshop
  • Understand conflict styles to accelerate performance
  • Decoding communication styles
  • Team interaction and development
  • Mindfully dealing with anger
  • Q & A about your Team Type and relating to your team

The LifeSpark Training Institute is for coaches, spiritual directors, and anyone who wants to lead either themselves or others. .

Kristie Morris-McCormick J.D.

Certified iEQ9 Practitioner & Enneagram Coach

Coaching driven by Neuroscience

The Enneagram and Mindfulness

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LifeSpark family coaching will help your family relax into how each of you is made so that you can enjoy one another more.

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