Take the blame & shame out of difficult situations.

LifeSpark family coaching

Families – we value them, love them, are a part of them, and yet sometimes they’re downright difficult to navigate.

And, they’re arguably our most important team as we travel through life. It’s in our families that we learn all the spoken and unspoken rules that govern our life.

An easy way to take the first step

How it works

Every family is different! While the approach below is helpful, everything is fully customizable!

I offer coaching on an hourly basis. And, if you need something customized to suit your needs, let’s talk!

Phase 1

Online assessment

You receive a link for an individual online iEQ9 Enneagram Assessment that takes 40 minutes to complete. The iEQ9 assessment is a live algorithm that uses fractal mathematics with a database of 1,300 questions to calculate your subconscious pattern of motivation that creates your Enneagram Type.

Your answers produce a customized 42-page individual report that details your compulsive thought patterns. The assessment is taken at your convenience. The final report is sent to directly to me for review. (You will receive a copy of your report from me.)

Phase 2

Assessment debrief

In a debriefing session we’ll explore each of your iEQ9 Enneagram profiles. I’ll give you an overview of the many elements of your reports, including information about your core Enneagram Types. We’ll also look at your family’s particular Enneagram type because this will show you how your particular family shows up in the world and what drives your family’s behavior.

This enlightening information helps all your family members understand and appreciate each other more, which of course leads to less misunderstandings and arguments. You will be able to get to the heart of the matter more easily with less hurt feelings.

Phase 3


In Phase 3, I offer coaching sessions to spark a deep, life-long journey of growth filled with self-awareness, integration and balance.

LifeSpark for families includes

Family coaching with LifeSpark is fully customizable and can cover topics like:

  • Dealing with conflict
  • Communication
  • Decision making
  • Time
  • Money
  • Instincts
  • Anger

LifeSpark family coaching will help your family relax into how each of you is made so that you can enjoy one another more.

Kristie Morris-McCormick J.D.

Certified iEQ9 Practitioner & Enneagram Coach

Coaching driven by Neuroscience

The Enneagram and Mindfulness

Let’s get started

LifeSpark family coaching will help your family relax into how each of you is made so that you can enjoy one another more.

  • Phase 1: Online Assessment (iEQ9)
  • Phase 2: Assessment Debrief
  • Phase 3: Coaching
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