Individual Coaching

LifeSpark is for

Business leaders, parents, college graduates, working professionals, spouses, or anyone looking to more deeply understand their unique “spark” and build an actionable plan so you can always be living it out. 

Note: This is not therapy. If you are looking to dig deep into the past, seek healing or navigate crises, please go to to find a local therapist certified for this type of work.

How It Works

Phase 1: Online Assessment

To lay the groundwork for our work together, you will complete the official iEQ9 Enneagram online assessment. This 40-minute assessment is a live algorithm that uses fractal mathematics with a database of 1,300 questions to calculate your subconscious pattern of motivation. The results of this assessment determine your dominant Enneagram Type. 

After completing, you will receive a customized, 42-page report that details your compulsive thought patterns and unique ways of being. Even if you already know your Enneagram type, this particular assessment is so accurate and informative that you will learn things about yourself you have never realized before.

Phase 3: Coaching

Next, you will have the opportunity to engage in 1:1 coaching sessions over the course of six months in order to integrate the findings of your iEQ9 profile and experience transformative personal and professional growth. 

Elements we may explore: 

  • The subconscious patterns and core motivations that drive your personality, values and vices. 
  • Your typical feeling patterns and how you emotionally deal with conflict and not getting what you want, as well as your unique interaction style.
  • Your subtype, helping you understand your biological drive and how it impacts personality. Your top scores of all the types will be examined to help you understand your TriType.
  • How you show up in the world, and how others experience your energy. This will help you be more present, mindful, and balanced.
  • The influence of your “wings” in order to develop your ability to access both in a conscious, balanced way to compliment your main Enneagram type.
  • How you deal with strain and stress and explore ways to get unstuck.
  • How your ego structure interferes with the spiritual dimension of your type so you can understand how better to connect with God, if you so desire.

Let’s Transform Your Life

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If the Enneagram isn’t something you want to investigate right now, I offer coaching on an hourly basis. And, if you need something customized to suit your needs, let’s talk!

If you’re ready to take the next step, sign up for my free 15-minute consultation, or buy the package that suits you best. I do all my payments and scheduling through my website, and hope you’ll love the convenience and transparency as much as I do.

Package 1

Comprehensive report + debrief + coaching (5 x 2 hr coaching sessions)

Package 2

Comprehensive report + debrief + coaching (3 x 1.2 hr coaching sessions)

Package 3

Standard report + debrief

Package 4

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