Lifespark Services

Business Coaching

Discover your corporate culture. Improve communication, collaboration and productivity. From plotting a map for change management to harnessing the creativity of your employees, I can help your business thrive and even improve your bottom line. Whether it’s equipping your leaders with the powerful tool of self-awareness and empathy, reviving team dynamics or improving conflict management, I am trained in both individual and team coaching.

Couples Coaching

Whether you’re an engaged couple about to tie the knot or a pair of empty-nesters looking for some marriage enrichment, time invested in your relationship will reap rewards!

Life is full of joy – and messiness. Sharing a home, growing a family, nurturing careers, paying bills, juggling schedules. Whenever one life intersects another, there’s bound to be some sort of interaction. And the truth is that sometimes we are the least kind, the least forgiving, with the ones we love the most.

Individual Life Coaching

If you ever wanted a tool that describes how you’re wired and then also helps you figure out what to do with that, then you’ll love the Enneagram. You’ll be amazed by the Enneagram’s uncanny ability to accurately describe your deepest motivations while honoring your complexity and uniqueness.

The Enneagram is a personality typing system that increases self-awareness and emotional intelligence by bringing awareness to your strengths and those uncomfortable blind spots. You’ll find that the Enneagram gently but powerfully traces a path out of the confined spaces you’ve unconsciously constructed for yourself to the wide open spaces of living with freedom and joy.